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Proposal Below

The Pitch

Introduction & Objectives:

In today's crowded media landscape, there is a lot of content vying for attention. However, much of it lacks the emotional depth and narrative structure that truly connects with audiences. Our proposal is to create a video campaign that not only showcases the unique aesthetic of Impala Skate but also tells a compelling story that resonates with its target audience. By creating a branded documentary that highlights the culture, values, and history of Impala Skate, we aim to create content that not only looks great but also has meaning and purpose.

Happy Customers

What they're saying

"I am so glad we found Fonseca Media! They are super talented and always pushing the limit when it comes to our creative projects. They opened my eyes to what was actually possible with our lifestyle content."

Mark Stallings
Co-Founder, Casely

"Couldn’t recommend Fonseca Media more! UNREAL work!
Stoked to work with them on many more projects! They're incredibly put together, and even better to work with!" 

Taylor Andrew
Business Development, Spexster

"Fonseca Media is fantastic. I’ve worked with them on two music videos so far. Each time, they quickly understood what I was looking for and was able to bring it to life. They can do it all, from pre-production to delivery. They have a great eye, a natural talent, and are very professional.”

Jesse Cook
Music Artist

Team Members


Producer, Videographer & Photographer


Videographer & Photographer


Producer & Cinematographer


Videographer & Photographer

Some of our Clients

Exceeding All Expectations

Conclusion paragraph


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  • 1 x branded doc 

  • 1 x video campaign 

  • 30 x photos

  • 5 x IG reels & TikToks

  • Posts on our social media pages

Note: we are open to modifying these deliverables based on your preferences and marketing goals.

Content Packages start at: $900

Vision Board

This is a guideline however all locations, models, and mood board will be provided to you prior to the shoot for approval. 

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