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The Pitch

Introduction & Objectives:

The purpose of this video and photo content proposal and the proposed themes below are to showcase the portability of Soolla through captivating video and photo content set against breathtaking nature backdrops, including serene beach and enchanting forested areas. By emphasizing the versatility of Soolla in stunning outdoor environments, we aim to inspire potential customers and highlight the unique experience Soolla offers.


We aim to position Soolla as an essential companion for pottery enthusiasts, enabling them to explore their creative passion anywhere they desire. We believe that our carefully crafted content will not only captivate your target market but also generate a strong emotional connection


All content will be provided to you for free which you can use for your social media, website, paid ads, etc. 

some of our happy clients

What they're saying

"I am so glad we found Fonseca Media! They are super talented and always pushing the limit when it comes to our creative projects. They opened my eyes to what was actually possible with our lifestyle content."

Mark Stallings
Co-Founder, Casely

"Couldn’t recommend Fonseca Media more! UNREAL work!
Stoked to work with them on many more projects! They're incredibly put together, and even better to work with!" 

Taylor Andrew
Business Development, Spexster

"Fonseca Media is fantastic. I’ve worked with them on two music videos so far. Each time, they quickly understood what I was looking for and was able to bring it to life. They can do it all, from pre-production to delivery. They have a great eye, a natural talent, and are very professional.”

Jesse Cook
Music Artist

Thank you for your time!

Thank  you for taking the time to read my proposal!



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  • 2 x professionally filmed reels on DSLR or iPhone depending on your preference

    • Reel #1: Showing how Soolla helps enable my "portable" pottery studio. Taking Soolla to the beach with all of my supplies in it and painting/glazing one of my mugs out in nature.​

    • Reel #2: Same as above but in a serene forested environment

    • Both videos will highlight and show a lot of product shots of Soolla as well as the overall experience of being able to do pottery on the go. 

  • 15 x photos

  • Multiple IG stories

Note: These are the base deliverables but throughout the year I can create and post more content with the Soolla bag because I'm a huge fan!

In exchange for: 1 Light Brown Soolla Bag

Vision Board

note: the purpose of these images are to provide a representation of the overall mood and theme of the proposed content and to envision Soolla as a replacement of the objects in frame. I am also open to changing themes to fit your requirements and vision.

Free Video

& Photo Content

Prepared for: Soolla

Proposal Below


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